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Nov 13, 2016

Piano And String Quartet
 (- Geoje, South Korea,
고현, 거제, 한국 )


Triadic Memories



 Morton Feldman

Dec 14, 2014

[about zero-method]

-------------about abstract accident accidental action activity addition adjective adjectival advance in advance aesthetics affirmation affix agreement analysis analytic anatomize apparent application a priori arbitrary argument argument-place arithmetic arrow articulate articulated ascribe assert asymmetry axiom axiom of infinity axiom of reductibility bad basis beautiful belief bound boundary brackets build calculation cardinal (number) case be the case causality certainty certainty chain clarification class clear make clear colour colour-space combination common comparison complete analyse completely describe completely complex composite compulsion concatenation concept conceptual notation concept-word concerned with concrete condition configuration connexion consequences conservation constant constituent construct construction contain content continuity contradiction convention co-ordinate copula correct correlate correspond creation critique of language cube deal with death deduce definition delimit depiction derive description description of the world designate determinate determine difference display dissect doctrine doubt dualism duration dynamical model effort least (law) element elementary proposition elucidation empirical employment enumeration equal value of equal value equality numerical sign of equality equation equivalent essence eternity ethics everyday language existence experience explanation exponent expression mode of expression external fact fairy tale false fate feature feeling finite follow foresee form logical form logico-pictorial form pictorial form representational form formal formal concept formal property formal relation formulate free will fully generalized function future general general form generality-sign notation for generality general validity generalization geometry give given God good grammar happy hierarchy hieroglyphic script higher hold how how what hypothesis idea musical idea idealist identical identity sign for identity illogical imagine immortality impossibility incorrect independent indeterminateness indicate individuals induction infer infinite infinity (axiom) inner internal intuition intuitive judgement judgement-stroke know language law law of causality law of conservation law of contradiction law of least action law of nature law of continuity law of least effort life limit logic logical logical addition logical constant logical grammar logical multiplication logical object logical picture logical place logical product logical space logical sum logical syntax logico-pictorial logico-syntactical manifest material mathematics mean meaning equivalent in meaning meaningful meaningless mechanics mention metaphysical method microcosm minimum-principle mirror mirror-image misunderstanding mode model modus ponens monism multiplicity music mystical name general name proper name of a person nature natural phenomena natural science necessary negation negative negative fact network nexus non-proposition nonsense notation number cardinal number number-system object obtain obvious occur opposed opposite order paradox particle perceive phenomenon philosophy physics pictorial picture place point-mass positive postulate predicate pre-eminent pre-eminent numbers present presuppose primitive idea primitive proposition primitive sign principle of sufficient reason probability problem product projection projective method of projection proof proper property proposition propositional form propositional sign prototype pseudo-concept pseudo-proposition pseudo-relation psychology punishement question range real realism reality reducibility relation stand in a relation to one another are related represent representative be the representative of requirement resolve reward riddle right rule combinatory rule rule dealing with signs say say clearly said say nothing saying go without saying scaffolding scepticism schema science scope the self self-evidence sense have the same sense have no sense lack sense without sense sense of touch series series of forms series of numbers set show sign be a sign for combination of signs sign for a logical operation sign-language signify mode of signification similarity simple simple sign simplex sigillum veri situation solipsism solution soul space speak about speak for itself how things stand stand for state statement make a statement state of affairs state of things stipulate structure subject subject-predicate propositions subject-matter subsistent sub specie aeterni substance substitute method of substitution successor sum sum-total superstition supposition survival symbol symbolism system tableau vivant talk about tautology tell term theory theory of probability theory of classes theory of knowledge theory of types thing think thinkable thought thought-process time totality transcendental translation true come true truth-argument truth-combination truth-condition truth-function truth-ground truth-operation truth-possibility truth-value type unalterable understand make oneself understood undetermined unit unnecessary unthinkable use useless validity value value of a variable variable propositional variable variable-name variable-number variable-proposition visual field whole will wish word put into words    world    wrong    zero-method